Facility Rentals


Facility Rental info

The SNCC prides itself on operating a clean, safe and friendly environment for a variety of sport, recreation, family and group events. We maintain a multipurpose room, 3 meeting rooms, arena ice and dry floor, outdoor rink, ball diamond and soccer pitch on site. All indoor and outdoor spaces are fully accessible. Indoor spaces are fully air-conditioned with the exception of the Arena Dry Floor.

The Multi-Purpose Hall is a 2800 square foot space that can accommodate 220 standing or 180 seated. Washroom facilities are located immediately beside the room along with a coat room and entrance foyer. A kitchen facility is available through a service window for food and beverage service.

The space is normally used for weddings, receptions, large family gatherings, socials, trade shows, open houses, etc.

The BSI Insurance Meeting Room is a 665 square foot space that can accommodate 55 standing or 40 seated. The space is normally used for small receptions and meetings and can be booked along with the multipurpose hall as secondary space or storage.

The Multi-Purpose Hall and BSI Meeting Room is connected by a Foyer that can hold 32 people standing only. This space is often used for buffet tables, prizes or registration areas.

Meeting room A located in the arena building is a 458 square foot space that can accommodate 40 standing or 25 seated. The space is normally used for meetings, seminars or other small gatherings. This space is carpeted and certain activities are not allowed in this space.

Meeting room B located in the arena building is a 580 square foot space, fully accessible and can accommodate 50 standing or 35 seated. The space is normally used for birthday parties, youth groups, dance groups or other small gatherings. This space is not carpeted and available for almost any activity. This room is made available to arena dry floor renters for storage or meeting space.

The Arena Dry Floor is 17,000 square feet of space available between April and August that can accommodate 1100 people standing or 600 seated (less for space used by tables, stages, audio/video equipment, etc.). The space is normally used for concerts, arts & craft sales, dog shows, ball hockey,

The arena dry floor can be used for socials involving alcohol but is limited to a maximum of 350 seating along with space for a dance floor, bar and DJ stand.

The basement area of the arena building houses the dressing rooms for players, scorekeepers and officials.

The Ball Diamond located east of the arena building is used for minor baseball and minor softball leagues between April and June and by adult slo-pitch leagues in July and August.

The Soccer Field adjacent to the ball diamond is used by mini-soccer between April and June.

The ball and soccer fields can be rented for private functions during the day or evening but league play takes priority, please call the office for availability.


The St. Norbert Community Centres’ rentals policies are based on Province of Manitoba and City of Winnipeg laws, by-laws and guidelines.

The SNCC policies are reviewed, discussed and approved by the SNCC Board of Directors and enforced by SNCC staff and volunteers.

The policies & procedures are reviewed annually, or as required, with changes to the any laws, bylaws and guidelines as well as user feedback.

SNCC office hours are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. Operational days and hours vary depending on the season and event calendar but staff are normally on site between 7:00 am and 11:00 pm.

Arrangements can be made beyond normal business hours to view the facility and complete a facility use agreement.

SNCC is currently not equipped to receive payment by debit or credit card. Cash and cheque can only be accepted. Cheques can be made out to ‘St. Norbert Community Centre’. An ATM is available in the arena building.

All users will be provided receipts for all payments made to the SNCC along with copies of the facility use agreement.

Booking the Facility:

    1. All rentals will require at least 1 month advance booking to allow for staff scheduling, supply restocking, facility repairs and maintenance.
    2. Rental requests within 1 month and 2 weeks must pay the deposit and rental fee at the time of booking plus an emergency rental fee to cover additional staffing and administration costs. Please see rental rates for breakdown.
    3. No bookings will be made within 2 weeks of the proposed date.
    4. All rental requests are booked on a first come, first serve basis.
    5. Users can call into the SNCC office or drop in during normal business hours to begin the rental process, user information will be collected with rates and payment schedules identified.
    6. If calling in - the space, date and time can be held for 48 hours only if the user arranges a meeting with the Facility Manager within that time frame.
    7. Holds will not be extended beyond 48 hours.
    8. Rental are confirmed upon signing the agreement and paying the deposit.
    9. Socials on the arena dry floor can be booked between the first weekend in April and last weekend in August.


    1. The deposit is non-refundable unless the event is postponed to another date within one year of the original event.
    2. Pre and Post event inspections will be conducted by an SNCC staff member and the user and signed off, a copy of the inspection report can be provided to the user group via email or hardcopy.
    3. The deposit will be returned within 2 weeks post event provided there was no damage or loss to the facility and/or equipment.
    4. Users have the option to pick up the deposit or have it mailed to them.
    5. Returned deposits are issued by cheque made out to the group or individual named on the agreement.
    6. Returned deposits by mail will only be sent to the address noted in the agreement.
    7. Socials - user groups must vacate the premises by 2:00 AM with all their equipment and supplies, if not, $100 will be deducted from the deposit to cover staff overtime.
    8. If damages/losses caused by the user or their guests is greater than the value of the deposit the SNCC will determine total value and work with the user to resolve the issue.
    9. See also “Incidents” below

Rental Fees

Multi-Purpose Hall - Club Building

    • 8:00 am - 11:00 pm: $600 flat rate, all day
    • 8:00 am - 11:00 pm: $50/hour (min. 2 hrs)
    • No Sale Permits (i.e. receptions): $600 (4 hours)
    • For Sale Permits (i.e. social) 8:00 pm - 1:00 am: $1,050
    • News Years Eve socials, 8:00 pm - 2:00 am: $1,350
    • Wireless Microphone: $25
    • Projector and Screen: $25

*Deposit: $100.00

**Deposit - Socials: $300.00

BSI Meeting Room - Club Building

    • 8:00 am - 11:00 pm: $300 flat rate, all day
    • 8:00 am - 11:00 pm: $35/hour (min. 2 hrs)
    • Projector & Screen: $25

* Deposit: $100.00

Meeting Room A & B - Arena Building

    • 8:00 am - 11:00 pm: $300 flat rate, all day
    • 8:00 am - 11:00 pm: $25/hour (min. 2 hrs)
    • Projector & Screen: $25

*Deposit: $100.00

Arena Dry Floor (late March - mid August only)

    • 8:00 am - 11:00 pm: $1,000 flat rate, all day
    • 8:00 am - 11:00 pm: $100/hour (min. 2 hrs)
    • Stage (16'x30') set up/tear down: $250
    • No Sale Permits (i.e. receptions): $600 flat fee
    • For Sale Permits (i.e. social), 8:00 pm - 1:00 am: $1,450 flat fee
    • Projector & Screen: $25

*Deposit: $100.00

**Deposit - Socials: $400.00


    1. Users of the banquet hall and meetings rooms will have access to the space 1/2 hour prior for decorating and final set up and 1/2 hour post-event to remove their equipment, supplies and light cleaning.
    2. Users may be granted additional time before the event time only if the schedule allows it and if requested at least 2 days prior but additional charges may apply for extended set up time.
    3. Users of the arena dry floor and banquet hall for socials will be provided 3 hours in the afternoon of their event day for set up.
    4. Alcohol purchased as per the permit can be brought in and stored on site.
    5. Food and other beverages can be delivered to the facility and stored on site.
    6. Users of the arena dry floor will be allowed access the day before their event to 'load in' with a fee amount normally half their daily rate. This will ensure there is no overlap of events and the space is dedicated to one group.
    7. If access is required after set up and prior to start of event, the user named on the contract has to be present; otherwise, the space is locked to protect user contents.
    8. User groups have access to the kitchen through the Foyer in the club building; however, cooking is not allowed onsite but the space can be used for food & beverage storage or service.
    9. User groups can bring in their own food or catering service to be served on site and are fully responsible for ensuring the food is prepared and served according to local food handling regulations.
    10. The SNCC assumes no responsibility for food borne illnesses resulting from user group food service.
    11. SNCC staff will monitor the event and assist with facility related matters.

Safety & Security

    1. The SNCC is equipped with fire pull stations, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, exit mags and in some locations fire suppression equipment.
    2. Emergency equipment are all are clearly marked and user groups will be shown them during inspection.
    3. Incidents requiring medical, fire or police services should call 911 first.
    4. After emergency services are contacted, report the incident to staff on site via telephone or in person. Staff are based out of Club Building or Arena offices.
    5. SNCC telephone numbers will be provided to all user groups.
    6. SNCC staff will take control of the scene and direct the user group and guests.
    7. SNCC staff will hand over control to emergency personnel upon their arrival.
    8. SNCC staff will complete an incident report when it is safe to do so, with the assistance of the user group witnesses.
    9. City of Winnipeg - Community Services Department will receive a copy of the incident report within 24 hours of the incident
    10. Incidents are reported to the SNCC Executive Committee.
    11. Incident reports are shared with emergency services where required.
    12. Incidents are given priority and resolved as quickly as possible by staff or board of directors, all parties are kept updated on progress.
    13. Incidents involving criminal activity by the user group or their guests that result in damage or theft to the facility or equipment will be reported to the Winnipeg Police Services.
    14. The SNCC is equipped with security cameras in the arena and club buildings, recordings will be reviewed as part of the reporting process. Where required, recordings will be shared with emergency services.
    15. Depending on the severity of the incident and the amount of damage or loss to the facility, the SNCC may obtain legal assistance to help resolve major issues, users will be notified when such action is taken by legal representative.

SNCC Provides:

    • Floor plan for the space with tables and chairs configured to your needs
    • Clean floors, tables, chairs, walls and windows
    • Access to coolers, microwave and coffee urns where equipment exists in room
    • Access to audio/video equipment for an additional charge
    • Access to space ½ hour prior to event for set up, at no charge
    • Extra ½ hour post event for cleaning, at no charge
    • Plastic cups for beverages
    • Temporary power panels for arena dry floor events
    • Garbage and recycling bin emptying when full

For Socials and Receptions, all items listed above plus:

    • 2 bartenders in the multipurpose hall, or
    • 1 bar supervisor and 3 bartenders on the arena dry floor
    • Mix for socials or receptions (Pepsi products, clamato juice, orange juice, worcestershire and tabasco sauce)

For non alcoholic receptions, all items listed above plus:

    • 1 bar supervisor
    • Pepsi products, clamato juice and orange juice.

User Group Provides:

    • Necessary permits for alcohol related events
    • Homemade or catered food to serve at function
    • Non-alcohol beverages to be served at function
    • Alcohol listed on the permit to be served at function
    • Condiments, napkins, cutlery, plates, bowls, etc.
    • Decorations with proper hanging materials (i.e. scotch tape, masking tape, etc.)
    • Outside A/V equipment and personnel

*Check with facility on what is allowed to affix decorations to any wall

*Acoustic Panels in multi-purpose hall cannot be used to hang decorations

*Confetti is not allowed in any part of the facility