Youth Indoor Soccer

Soccer Players, Coaches and Families,

St Norbert Community Centre is pleased to announce that registration for the 2021-22 recreational indoor soccer season is now open!

Age Groups

Age Groups are defined by birth year, rather than the child’s actual age. For example, as per the 2021 age grouping all children born in 2006 are in the “U15” group even though some may not have actually had their 15th birthday.

Each age group is separated by age and gender. For example there are 12 year old girls teams and 12 year old boys teams. There are no co-ed teams.

If your child is not born in one of the years indicated they are not eligible for the Spring Outdoor Soccer program. Unfortunately, SNCC does not provide soccer programming for children under 3 years of age or for adults.

Please refer to the Winnipeg South End United website for more information on other soccer programs and clinics.

Recreational League - Long Term Player Development Program

Born 2012 - U9 B/G

Born 2011 - U10 B/G

Born 2010 - U11 B/G

Born 2009 - U12 B/G

Recreational League

Born 2008 - U13 B/G

Born 2007 - U14 B/G

Born 2006 - U15 B/G

Born 2005 - U16 B/G

Born 2004 - U17 B/G

Born 2003 - U18 B/G

Legend: B = Boys, G = Girls


Youth soccer cannot function without dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic volunteer coaches to foster a safe, inclusive, positive and fun environment for the children of our communities, and ensure they have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

If you've coached before and plan to do so again, thank you! If you haven't coached before, we encourage you to consider doing so. We have workshops and resources available to help you get started and become a confident and capable coach. To learn more about coaching at your child's age level (e.g. requirements, commitment, etc.) please reach out to Sandra Stoesz at or the WSEU Office at

When you register, please indicate your willingness to serve as a Coach or Assistant Coach with your child's team.


Does your child have a friend in the community who doesn't currently play soccer, but may want to? Maybe they're not sure where to start, or maybe they've never been asked before? Well, now is the time to get them involved! Please reach out to them and encourage them to contact Sandra Stoesz at or the WSEU Office at for more information.

Registration Details

St Norbert Community Centre has worked closely with the Winnipeg South End United Soccer Club (WSEU) and the other Community Centres in our district to organize registration for the recreational indoor soccer season. The registration link below will direct you to a centralized online registration site that was prepared by WSEU for the Community Centres.

Our expected registration fees for the 2021-22 recreational indoor soccer season are as follows:

U9-U18 - $439.00 per player, please see breakdown below.

Please note registration is a two-step process:

Step 1 - MSA Fee (24.00)

Step 2 - Recreational Fee ($415.00)

The Manitoba Soccer Association collects a $24 fee for every youth (U9-U18) player in the Province on behalf of the CSA, MSA and Sport Manitoba. This fee must be paid to the MSA directly. After completing Step 1 of the registration process via the link below, you will be prompted to click a link to proceed to Step 2. Both steps must be completed in order for your child(ren) to be registered properly.

These registration fees include a $45 assessment for the Community Centre and $50 to cover Community Centre costs for delivering the soccer program. They also include costs incurred by WSEU and WYSA for the organization of league play, referees and insurance, along with assessments from Canada Soccer and the Manitoba Soccer Association, who are responsible for sanctioning soccer in Canada and Manitoba.

Please read and follow the instructions provided on the registration site carefully. Contact the WSEU Office Manager at (204) 452-8020 or if you require additional information or encounter any issues with the online registration site.

Registration is Now Open!

Please click the link below to register:

Contact Information

Please contact Sandra Stoesz at with any questions or concerns. We are looking forward to another fun and exciting indoor soccer season!