About SNCC


The land on which the St. Norbert Community Centre is located was sold to the City of Winnipeg for nominal fee in 1940. Joe Grandmont sold this land with a proviso that the land would always be used for community recreational purposes.

Shortly after the land was sold, a building from the corner of Marchand Road and Red River Drive was moved to the site to be used as a community hall. Gradually a hockey rink and ball diamond were added. The original structure burnt down around 1950 and was replaced with the existing main structure where it stands today. The hall was used for many recreational purposes including hall rentals, bingo and brownies (Girl Guides of Canada).

In 1977/78 the structure housing the change rooms and washrooms was built for the outdoor rink. This was separate from the main hall. In 1985, an addition was built connecting the two buildings and allowing for expansion of the hall washrooms and canteen and a new meeting room.

The arena was built in 1996 features the a viewing lounge, meeting rooms, canteen, 200’x85’ rink surface, spectator seating, and dressing rooms.

Outdoor facilities include one outdoor rink, a large outdoor splash pad, a double tennis court, a baseball diamond, three mini-soccer pitches and ample green space.

Since its inception, the SNCC has grown into a multi-faceted place of business, sport, recreation and community assembly.


The business and affairs of the SNCC are governed by a Board of Directors consisting of not less than seven members including the Executive Committee, which have been elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the membership.

Prospective board members must reside in the St. Norbert catchment area to be eligible for a board of directors position. The catchment area is defined by the City of Winnipeg Community Services Department.

St. Norbert residents can submit their name and contact information to the SNCC office for listing as a general member.

The SNCC hosts the AGM every April for all members to hear annual reports and conduct elections for the board of directors. The positions carry a number of responsibilities vital to the administration, operation of the facility and programs.

The Executive Committee positions are elected from the board or general membership lists.

The 2018/19 Board of Directors include:

Executive Committee

President: Daryl Fowler

Past-President: Vacant

Vice President: Leah Murphy

Treasurer: Sandra Stoesz

Secretary: Diane Fowler

Board Members

Communications: Tenille Wilson

Hockey Director: Keith Murphy

Baseball Director: Don LaPointe

Soccer Director: Sandra Stoesz

Director at Large: Dana Derkson

Director at Large: Monique Vouriot - LaPointe

Mini Soccer Director: Vacant

Ringette Director: Vacant

Softball Director: Vacant

Fundraising Coordinator: Vacant

Volunteer Coordinator: Vacant

Vacant positions can be filled through a special general meeting called by the President or 1/3 vote in favor by the board of directors or by fifteen members in good standing. The board of directors must follow the process outlined in the SNCC Constitution.


The SNCC employs full-time, part-time and casual employees to manage the day to day business and operations for the community centre. Staff report to a Facility Manager who in turn reports to the board of directors.

Three full-time staff are employed by the community centre to manage and maintain the facility throughout the year. Part time staff are brought on for the busy winter season.

Facility Manager: Norman Ettawacappo

Norman is responsible for the oversight of all day to day activities including administration, human resources, facility operations & maintenance, events & rentals and financial management. Norman has been a resident of the St. Norbert community since 2009 and joined the SNCC in March 2018.

Bookkeeper: Sheila Strutt

Sheila works closely with the Facility Manager on daily financial management activities such as accounts payable/receivable and audit preparation. Sheila has been with SNCC for as many years and is a resident of St. Norbert for 35 years.

Shift Engineers: Robert Croteau, Bill Kossack and Donald Smith

The SNCC employs 2 full-time and 1 part shift engineers who are responsible for the ice plant, ice maintenance, and general maintenance of the facility’s indoor and outdoor spaces. They assist with event inspections, event preparation, cleaning and supervision.

Arena Attendant: David Berg

The Arena Attendant is a part time position whose duties include ice and general facility maintenance between September and March in any given year.

Facility Attendant: Brian Murphy

The part time facility attendant supports the facility manager, shift engineers and arena attendant with maintenance, facility cleaning, event preparation and supervision.

Casual Staff (Attendants)

SNCC employs casual workers as event supervisors, canteen workers, bartenders and parking attendants. They are responsible for facility inspections, event supervision, canteen sales and alcohol service at the community centre. Parking attendants oversee parking services during the busy St. Norbert Farmers Market season.


General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres (GCWCC)

The St. Norbert Community Centre is a member of the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres (GCWCC). The GCWCC was formed to provide a central council where representatives from all community centres could meet to exchange views and consider solutions to common concerns.

GCWCC support services include; board development, financial accountability, grants, leadership development, policy development, problem solving, program development, risk management and volunteer management.

City of Winnipeg

The SNCC is also supported by the City of Winnipeg Community Services Department, as partners, where a common goal to plan, initiate and conduct a broad range of activities of available facilities, provision of leadership and the promotion of recreational opportunities to the community.

The SNCC also liaises with the City of Winnipeg Parks and Open Spaces division for the maintenance of all grounds under SNCC responsibility.

Canadian Cancer Society

In 2014, the SNCC acquired a new Zamboni for the arena ice maintenance. At that time the community centre was considering options to support Breast Cancer Awareness and the idea to paint the zamboni pink was tabled and was unanimously supported by the board of directors.

Every November, a large magnetic mustache is placed on the front of the zamboni to help raise awareness and money for men's prostate cancer.

The SNCC continues to receive cash donations at the facility during winter months and at special events and all monies collected are paid to the Canadian Cancer Society.

The SNCC, through donations, has contributed over $750 to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Advertising Opportunities

The SNCC attracts thousands of visitors a year utilizing the arena, multipurpose room, meeting rooms, outdoor rinks and outdoor sport venues. Some user groups include hockey and ringette leagues, dog shows, craft sales, families, youth summer programs, dance groups, ball leagues, schools, local businesses, political parties and church groups. The user groups themselves manage hundreds of members either as direct participants or spectators who visit the SNCC.

The Arena Building is the main attraction for the SNCC. Some advertising opportunities exist through the purchase of:

  • 4’ H x 8’ L wall boards facing the spectator seating area and flanking the score board
  • 32" H x 8’ L rink boards facing the spectator seating area
  • On ice logos at blue lines visible to spectators

On Ice logos must be installed in August of any given year prior to ice being installed. Wall and Rink boards can be purchased at anytime of the year.

If you are interested in purchasing advertising space at the St. Norbert Community Centre please contact the Facility Manager at 204-269-4120 or via email at manager@stnorbertcc.ca. Detailed advertising rates and other considerations will be shared with interested parties.