Learn to Skate

Wednesday CanSkate

4:30-5:20 pm - Session #1

5:30-6:20pm - Session #2

October - March

Parents/Guardians are not permitted on the ice unless they pay the Skate Canada Membership fee. The class is designed to be a non - parented program.

Cost : 

St. Norbert CC Catchment (residents of St. Norbert)

$200 Program fee +$58.70 Skate Canada membership fee

Non Catchment (resides outside St. Norbert) 

$250 program fee +$58.70 Skate Canada membership fee 

For more information from Skate Canada about the CanSkate program click here

Learn to Skate with

 St.Norbert CC Skating School

We are pleased to be offering Skate Canada's official learn to skate program CanSkate!

Registration begins September 1, 2024 for the Fall 2024-Winter 2025 session 

Who is CanSkate for?

It is a dynamic group learn to skate program for children 4+ years old.  All ages and stages are taught on the same session but split up into 3 groups.  We maintain a 10:1 skater to coach/Program assistant ratio

What is taught?

The CanSkate program teaches Balance, Control and Agility skills broken down into 6 Stages with ribbons and badges awarded for each stage accomplished. The skills covered in the program prepare skaters for a future in Hockey, Ringette, Speed Skating, or Figure Skating.

What Equipment is required?

1) CSA approved Hockey Helmet

2) Proper fitting skates (hockey or figure skates). We do NOT recommend plastic or adjustable skates.

3)Mittens or gloves and warm layers of clothing  that allow for good movement. 

Proper fitting Equipment is essential to a positive skating experience. Skate sizes do not run the same as shoe sizes so be sure that your child is wearing the correct size. We highly recommend a skate that laces up (NOT clip or dials to tighten). The laces allow the skate to be tighten to allow for a better fit as the child's foot grows. 

A quick check is to have your child walk across a skate safe floor in skates. Look at their ankles are they able to hold them upright while they walk? A proper fitting skate that supports the ankles is essential to being able to have a positive experience while learning to skate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child use a skate trainer/push bar?

No, in the CanSkate program our goal is to help skaters to develop balance, agility and control. We do not allow the use of push bars in the class. Our first goal is to teach the basic skill of balance which is needed for all other skills taught.

Are Parents allowed on the ice?

Yes, each individual on the ice must be registered with Skate Canada as a member for insurance purposes to be allowed on the ice. All individuals must wear skates and a CSA approved hockey helmet during the session. Helmet exceptions can be made if able to provide proof of equivalent skating ability of Stage 5 CanSkate. 


For more information or if you have questions about this program please email our CanSkate Coordinator Beth at vp.sport@stnorbertcc.ca