Youth Outdoor Soccer

Registration is now closed!

Please ensure you register within your catchment area to avoid delays in being placed on a team.  Please refer to the catchment area map below for the community club you should register in.  

The SNCC registers a number of teams in a variety of age groups, in the outdoor recreational soccer program provided by the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA).   The WYSA believes every child should have the chance to learn and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer. 

Age Groups

Age Groups are defined by birth year, rather than the child’s actual age. For example, as per the 2023 age grouping all children born in 2008 are in the “U15” group even though some may not have actually had their 15th birthday.

Each age group is separated by age and gender.  For example there are 12 year old girls teams and 12 year old boys teams.  There are no co-ed teams. 

If your child is not born in one of the years indicated they are not eligible for the Spring Outdoor Soccer program.  Children aged 3 - 8 can register in our Outdoor Mini Soccer Program. Unfortunately, SNCC does not provide soccer programming for children under 3 years of age or for adults. 

Please refer to the Winnipeg South End United website for more information on other soccer programs and clinics. 

Recreational League - Long Term Player Development Program

Born 2014 - U9   B/G

Born 2013 - U10 B/G

Born 2012 - U11 B/G

Born 2011 - U12 B/G

Recreational League

Born 2010 -  U13 B/G

Born 2009 -  U14 B/G

Born 2008 -  U15 B/G

Born 2007 -  U16 B/G

Born 2006 -  U17 B/G

Born 2005 -  U18 B/G

Legend: B = Boys, G = Girls


If you are applying for subsidy please contact your home community centre at to complete. Please contact as soon as possible so you can be placed on a team. 


Competition & Practice Schedule

ODD divisions (age U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17) generally play on Tuesdays, Thursdays and or Sundays depending on the number of teams in a divisions, field and referee availability.

EVEN divisions (age U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18) generally play on Mondays, Wednesdays and or Fridays depending on the number of teams in a division, field and referee availability

Game times and locations will be published with the schedule prior to the start of the season.



Does your child have a friend in the community who doesn't currently play soccer, but may want to? Maybe they're not sure where to start, or maybe they've never been asked before? Well, now is the time to get them involved! Please reach out to them and encourage them to contact the soccer convenor at for more information.



Registration Details


St Norbert Community Centre has worked closely with the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and the other Community Centres in our district to organize registration for the recreational outdoor soccer season. The registration link below will direct you to a centralized online registration site that was prepared for the Community Centres.


Our expected registration fees for the 2023 recreational outdoor soccer season are as follows (assuming the season begins on-time and is played in its entirety):


Please note you must register with the Manitoba Soccer Association (MSA) to be considered fully registered and to be able to be placed on a team.  Please go to MSA site at

 *Registration will be open from March 1, 2023 to March 19, 2023


These registration fees include a $50 assessment for the Community Centre and $45 to cover Community Centre costs for delivering the soccer program. They also include costs incurred by WYSA for the organization of league play, referees and insurance, along with assessments from Canada Soccer and the Manitoba Soccer Association, who are responsible for sanctioning soccer in Canada and Manitoba.


Please read and follow the instructions provided on the registration site carefully. Contact the soccer convenor at if you require additional information, or encounter any issues with the online registration site.


Coaches and Volunteers

Community Centre soccer requires volunteers to coach and help organize soccer for our youth. Please contact your Community Centre if you are available to volunteer for the 2023 outdoor season. Coaches will be provided with more detailed information on how to implement health and safety measures along with information and training plans to assist them with organizing training under Stages 1 and 2.

NOTE:   Coaches are required to have a valid background check and complete online Respect-in-Sport and Concussion Protocol training prior to coaching. These requirements are intended to support a safe, enjoyable and healthy environment for our youth players and families.

Contacting Your Community Centre

Please contact St Norbert Community Centre if you have any questions. You may contact us at

Thank you

Beth Ralko, VP - Sport | Vacant Soccer Convenor