3325 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Phone: 204-261-7170

BSI Insurance Brokers continues to work with the club in an effort to raise money for much needed infrastructure projects.  BSI donated $3,750 towards new flooring as a part of their “Because We Care” campaign. 

BSI has several branches throughout Manitoba including in St. Norbert at 3325 Pembina Highway and offers a full range of insurance services.  We also encourage you to visit their website at or drop in at their branch to learn more.  

During our Heritage Day Celebration on February 7, 2015 BSI Insurance presented our Club President, Daryl Fowler with a cheque for $2,870.00 from the Quotes for Cash Campaign.

A meeting room in the SNCC Club Building was renamed the BSI Room for their contribution to the community centre.


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If you or your company wishes to partner with the St. Norbert Community Centre please contact the Facility Manager.

Telephone at 204-269-4120 or email at   

The SNCC is open to creating partnerships with companies and other organizations that would become mutually beneficial to our goals and objectives.