Cleaning & Santizing


  1. Pre-Event

      • Hall and entrance foyer floors are swept and mopped

      • All washroom fixtures, floors, door and hardware and light switches will be cleaned and sanitized

      • Heavily touched items such as door handles, light switches, etc. will be wiped clean and sanitized

      • Tables and chairs will be set up according to the renters needs, then sanitized

  2. During longer events (2+ hrs.)

      • Staff will enter the washrooms for a quick inspection and clean/sanitize as required, including toilets, sinks, counters, dispensers, door handles and light switches.

  3. Post-Event

      • Renters are responsible for clearing tables of all decorations and supplies, using the garbage/recycling bins provided

      • Lost or forgotten items will be turned into the main office for safe keeping, renters will be notified of items found.

      • Staff will clean tables and chairs before storing

      • Floors will be swept and mopped by staff

      • Washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized by staff

      • Door handles, light switches and emergency equipment will be wiped clean and sanitized.

      • Damages found during the clean up process will be reported to the Facility Manager who will follow up with renters

      • Damage deposits will be returned via cheque sent to the renters address through regular mail