Outdoor Mini Soccer

2021 Season info

Your cooperation and patience is appreciated

Please read through the Mini Soccer updates as some items have changed.

St Norbert will be hosting Mini Soccer pending any changes in COVID guidelines.

The Manitoba Soccer Association will be streamlining the registration process for all youth players in the province (U3-U18) beginning in the Outdoor 2021 season. We are providing you with a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you through the new process, and a step-by-step guide on how to register.


1. What is the new registration process?

All youth players in the province (U3-U18) must now register first with the Manitoba Soccer Association before registering with their chosen Quality Soccer Provider organization. Players must register with the MSA to be considered eligible to play in the season as a youth or mini player.

2. Why the change to a new registration process?

The Manitoba Soccer Association is wanting to streamline the collection of data and fees and use the same process for youth players in the province that all senior players already use. The new registration process will also allow us to better collect data and demographics for the players in our province that are required by Canada Soccer.

3. Do all youth players, at all ages and levels, need to use the new registration process?

Yes, all youth players (recreational, developmental, premier) in Manitoba from U3-U18 will register the same way using the new registration process.


Go to manitobasoccer.ca

Under registration – select Youth Registration-Winnipeg/WYSA or Youth Registration-Regional.

• Youth Registration-Winnipeg/WYSA is for any player who is registering with an organization in the Winnipeg Region or is playing in the WYSA League.

• Youth Registration-Regional is for any player who is not registering with an organization in the Winnipeg Region and is not playing in the WYSA League.

Click on the registration link.

Fill out the form in full.

Complete Payment.

Register with Organization.

After completing the registration form, you will receive a receipt which will include a direct link to all Quality Soccer Provider member organizations. You will now click on the member organization you wish to register with and complete the registration process for them however outlined by that member organization.

Important Notes for Mini Soccer


Games are hosted in the month of May and June, weather and field conditions permitting. Most games will be played on 3 mini-soccer fields behind the SNCC and start at 6:15 pm.


All players are required to wear shin guards and are recommended to play in soccer shoes and shorts. All participants will receive a Tim Horton’s jersey for the season, which is theirs to keep at the end of the season.

U4 / U5 / U6: Monday & Wednesday 6:15 PM

Cost $71

$16.00 to MSA

$55.00 to St Norbert Community Centre

For children born from 2015 to 2017. This age group is focused on continued fun and exposure to the introductory skills of soccer.

U7 / U8: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:15 PM

Cost $81

$16.00 to MSA

$65.00 to St Norbert Community Centre

Children must be born in 2013 or 2014. This is the last age group before transitioning into youth soccer. At this age boys and girls are placed on separate teams. Players continue to learn the basic skills of passing, dribbling and shooting while still on a smaller area.

*****Please note St Norbert Community Centre will not be taking payment until we confirm the start of the season. The Manitoba Soccer Association will take the $16.00 fee before transferring to the St Norbert Community Centre registration link. When the St Norbert Community Centre can confirm start of season we will ask for our payment in the form of cash or a cheque.

Mini Soccer is a wonderful introduction to the game of soccer for children. SNCC provides an outdoor Mini Soccer program available to all youth from 3 to 8 years old living in the St Norbert catchment area. Mini soccer focuses on physical activity, fair play and having fun.


Volunteer parents coach each team, please note on the form if you would like to coach when you register. SNCC offers an Active Start coaching workshop for interested parents hosted by the soccer conveners.

Chaperone Policy

At least one parent or guardian must accompany the child and remain on site for the duration of the game.

Weather Policy

Lightning in the vicinity is result in the immediate cancellation of all games.

Heavy rain may impact the field condition but SNCC staff will advise the convener of field condition as far in advance as possible.

Please listen to CJOB Sports News at 3:55 PM, 4:25 PM, 4:55 PM and 5:25 PM for city and district cancellation announcements or refer to the Winnipeg South End United website to confirm district cancellations. All Mini Soccer games are cancelled when city games are cancelled.

If city and district games are not cancelled, cancelling Mini soccer games will be a rarity and will be done only with the agreement of both coaches. The Mini Soccer Convenor may also cancel games if he/she deems it necessary.

Safety / Hygiene Issues

Parents must supply their children with water in a reusable water bottle for all games and practices.

All players are required to bring their uniforms and wear their shin guards to each practice and game. Soccer shoes, socks and shorts are recommended. Hats and jewellery are not recommended, they will be asked to remove the items prior to playing.

Mosquito repellent and sunblock is recommended.

If players bring their own ball to practice, please make sure it is labelled with their full name. The SNCC does not take responsibility for lost or stolen soccer balls.


Withdrawing a participant from the program must do so by a date to be determined by the mini soccer convener. There will be a $15.00 cancellation fee with the balance of the registration fee reimbursed to the parent listed on the form.

Registration Help

For the online registration process, parents will need to create an account if they don’t already have one. Registration instructions will be shown during the session. Parents can add their kids’ information into their profile then can register them for the program.

Registration must now be done online, with the Manitoba Soccer Association first and then you will be redirected to the St Norbert site of GoalLine. Once registered with GoalLine you will receive an access code. Please keep this code available for registrations in the future.